It's all about ....Consistency and Balance!

By Rozel Gonzales - certified Schwinn spinning instructor, personal trainer, group fitness instructor and fitness presenter.  If you have any questions or comments regarding this article, please do not hesitate to email us.
When starting out a fitness program, it is important to think of achieving small steps first... not big leaps.  Often, people start off with a rather extremist attitude at the onset... like going to the gym every day or doing 3 hour workouts!  These training habits are simply incompatible with the average individual's lifestyle and are usually short-lived.   An exercise regiment must  fit in amongst the many other tasks and duties of the day.  Most of us still have other responsibilities to uphold such as family, friends and work! 

Taking this into consideration... make sure that the goals that you or your trainer stipulate makes good sense!  Do not promise to be available to work out 4 times a week... if right now you are not exercising at all!   Start off with simple, easy goals.  Perhaps, a 15 minute walk twice a week.  Though it may sound too simple, remember that results come with consistency.  Teach yourself how to make a commitment of time first.  Once this becomes second nature... then the details of your exercise program can be more defined.  Don't forget...we all learned to crawl before we walked!

 Whether you are a seasoned fitness enthusiast or just taking your first steps... the basics of consistency and balance still apply.   Good Luck!



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