Five Tips for an Active, Healthy Fall

(ARA) - For many Americans, fall provides an opportunity to realize the active, healthy lifestyle so many people aspire to. While winter months offer good excuses to stay indoors (too cold, too slippery, too snowy), fall offers just as many reasons to be outside and active.

Exercising outdoors can be exhilarating. In case you need any motivation over and above the glorious weather, here are five tips for making the most of your fall and staying fit and active in the process.

1) Diversify: Take advantage of the outdoors by swimming, bicycling, walking, jogging, and playing golf and tennis. This variety of activities helps strengthen and condition all muscle groups. Putting the fun back into your workout also reduces boredom, the number one killer of good health and fitness regimens. Before you know it, you will have a well-rounded fitness and nutritional regimen in place -- the one that seemed so difficult to establish not long ago!

2) Don’t stop using your club or gym: It takes 30 days to make fitness a habit, and supplementing outdoor exercise with regular visits to your health club will ensure that you remain active during those rainy days, and especially when the temperatures begin to drop. Remember, too, that your resistance training is a critical component of a balanced fitness program, so keep hitting the gym.

3) Maintain a balanced diet: Fall is a great time to feast on fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables, making it easy to ensure that you get your four to five servings of these important foods every day. Keep in mind that nine out of 10 Americans do not fulfill their daily requirements. As a result, many people should consider some form of supplementation, according to Jeff Zwiefel, president of Life Time Fitness’ Health Enhancement Division.

“While the goal for everyone should be four to five portions of fresh fruits and vegetables per day, many people simply do not have the time or opportunity to get there,” said Zwiefel. “That’s why Life Time Fitness has introduced a full line of supplements that have been specially designed to meet the unique needs and requirements of both men and women.”

4) Make it social: One of the great things about exercise is that it doesn’t need to be done alone. Call that long-lost friend that you don’t see nearly enough and arrange to meet over a brisk walk. Find someone with a similar fitness level and try a variety of activities -- you can help to motivate each other.

5) Stretch: The more you become active during the summer, the more important it becomes to implement a regular stretching regimen. Remember that your muscles may not be ready for the type of activity you’re engaging in, so warm up and stretch to help increase flexibility, reduce the risk of injury and improve blood flow.

Fall workouts combine sun, fun and fitness. Just remember to dress appropriately, apply sunscreen and drink lots of water.

For more information about Life Time Fitness, visit, or call (800) 430-5433.

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