Getting In Shape With No Equipment

By Rozel Gonzales, B.Comm, MBA, FIS CanFit, YMCA

It is a misconception to believe that getting fit requires expensive gym memberships or fancy equipment.  Numerous workouts can be designed using only your body weight as the principle source of resistance.  A complete body workout can be designed using everyday household items such as chairs, steps and walls.  Whether you are at home, at the office or on vacation… use the following exercise ideas to create a “portable” gym and stay in shape!

If there is a muscle group that I missed, please let me know and I will add an appropriate exercise, ok?  Stay Fit!



TRICEP DIPS:  This exercise works your triceps.  When you come down try to keep your body close to the chair.

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PUSH-UPS:   This exercise is for your chest.  For simplified pushups, use a staircase.  As you become more advanced, work your way down to a lower step, until you can finally do them on a flat surface.

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Lower Body  

WALL SIT:  This is an isometric exercise.  This means that you are strengthening your muscles in one position.  Here, you are working your hamstrings, gluteus and quadriceps all at the same time.  Hold this position for 30 to 60 seconds at a time.  Your legs should create a 90 degree angle.  Push your heels hard into the ground.

one position only

Front Lunges:  This exercise works your quadriceps, gluteus and hamstrings all at the same time.  Try to keep your back straight.  Do not let your knee come over your toes.

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Hip Extensions (Wall): This exercise is for your gluteus (your bum!).  You can bend your knee slightly to begin.  Lifting towards the back wall, from the knee, contract your bum and open up your hips.  Keep your back straight and squeeze those glutes hard!

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Hamstring Press:  This exercise is for your hamstrings and your gluteus.  Begin with your hips slightly off the floor.  Push your heels hard into the ground while you push your hip bones up towards the ceiling.  

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Adductor raises:  This exercise works your inner thighs, also called the adductor muscles.  Make sure that you turn your foot outwards.  

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Abductor raises:  This exercise works your outer thighs, also called the abductor muscles.  Make your toes point downwards to the floor.

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Good Luck Everyone! 


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