How to Create Your Ride

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Try to plan your  ride in the shape of a bell curve.  Warm up in the first few songs.  Gradually increase the intensity of the class.  At about the middle of the class, you should have reached your peak of intensity.  From this point on, gradually decrease the intensity of the ride.  Remember that intensity can be adjusted by resistance or by speed.  Below is a sample class format.  My classes last approximately 50 minutes, including the warm-up and the cool-down.  I usually use about 10 songs.  Be sure to time the length of your ride before teaching the class.  Also, make sure you give your participants time to recuperate in between songs.  Don't forget to give them water breaks!


Song 1:   Flat Road

Low Resistance

Song 2:   Seated Climb

Medium Resistance

Song 3:   Sprint

Interval Low/Medium Resistance

Song 4:   Jumps

Medium Resistance

Song 5:   Seated/Standing Climb

High Resistance

Song 6:   Standing Climb

High Resistance

Song 7:   Flat Road

Gradually increase resistance throughout

Song 8:   Sprints

Low/Medium Resistance

Song 9:   Standing Run


Song 10: Flat Road

Low Resistance


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