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The Italian Way ... Pizza, Spaghetti and Indoor Cycling in Italy

by Luciano

I want to share my particular way to build rides for many people with different styles and attitudes at the same time. In the gym that I work in,  there is very high biker turnover. 


    So, I have to solve those three little problems:


Very few regulars.  Only about 8 to 10 per class.


High rate of first timers  in each class


Rookies and veteran expectations differ






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Indoor Cycling Solo

by Marco Bengava

I discovered indoor cycling about 3 years ago.   I am really an outdoor cyclist.  I don't go to a gym or an indoor cycling club.  Actually, I spin on my own!  I have a spinner that I use at home.  I like to wake up very early, at 5:30am.  I put on my walkman... because I cannot wake up the rest of my family.... and I go for it!  I follow the same routines that is followed in a group class... but I do it alone.  I still get all the benefits of the workout... I love it because I start off my day with lots of energy!



Warming Up 

by Melanie Troppy

During my warm-up I usually allow them to sit and ride comfortably while we stretch our lower backs (rounding out the back), shoulders (crossing the arm in front of the chest),  glutes and hamstrings by going into the aggressive position.  I slowly take them to a standing climb and we pretty much get straight into it.  My warm-up song is usually about 124 bpm (I like to teach to a beat), I find teaching the beat is less stressful on the knees, especially during fast jumps.  I don't pump my arms, but maybe that cause I was certified by Keiser. 


Get the Max from Your Cycling Class (The Safe Way) 

by Deborah N. Larson

We have all been made aware of how important proper technique is, as well as proper form. I have my participants do form and breathing checks several times during my cycling classes and remind them that proper form and breathing come first: upper body relaxed, shoulders down, abs contracted, toes pointed forward, knees behind the toes, upper body behind the knees; proper breathing: breathe in through your nose, exhale twice as long through your mouth. I also stress heavily that they should keep all bouncing to a minimum so as to get the most out of each pedal stroke. And we do deep breathing and lots of stretching at the end of class. That's a pet peeve of mine - leaving early - stretching is equally important




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