Indoor Cycling Themes





The Chase:  This works very well with sprinting music.  Throughout the song, you pretend that someone is chasing you.  Every once in a while you simulate a big break away.  If you get far enough, you can slow down... then it starts all over again.

The Jungle:  Cycling through the jungle requires great skill in dodging the branches of the trees.  This is an excellent opportunity to practice "jumping".  If you are not familiar... this is when you go from a hover position to a standing position.  The Chase can be incorporated if you run into any animals too!  Like I said... use your imagination.

Stairclimbing:  Do you remember the scene in Rocky where Sylvester Stallone is running up the stairs with all the kids behind him?  Wasn't that motivating?  Well... take the same music...give yourself some good resistance and run with it!  Pretend that every pedal stroke is one stair!  My participants love this!  Give it a try!

Paper Route:  During some of my cycling classes I go on a paper route through San Francisco. Throwing papers are jumps. Of course you have the up and down hills of the city. You can't help but to be chased by a few dogs along with cutting through a field with mud.

Courtesy of Amy C. Witt from San Francisco

Ocean:  Why not try a trip to the ocean! Dive down into the water causing increased resistance. Join a school of fish (a nice flat road).  Encounter some sharks (sprints). You must climb to the top for air (hill in 3rd). Going through seaweed is always rough. These ideas are fun and make for an imaginative ride.

Courtesy of Amy C. Witt from San Francisco


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