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Our indoor cycling bike review is meant to help you become an educated consumer as you shop for the best bike for your indoor cycling routine.  Selecting the perfect cycling bike to match your needs can be a daunting process, but consulting our cycling bike reviews can remove much of the guesswork.  If you take the time to evaluate your needs and goals, and to understand the makings of a quality indoor cycling bike, you can feel confident that you will make a good choice.

Whether you are new to indoor cycling, or are a seasoned rider, following the checkpoints outlined in our indoor cycling bike review will help you select the product that will help you maximize your workouts and be the best indoor cyclist you can be!

Cycling Bike Reviews – Things to consider before you buy

Indoor cycling bikes come in all colors and styles – so how do you know which bike is the best for you?  Before reading any indoor cycling bike review, you should take some time to think about your own personal attributes and needs.  Only you know what you desire to gain from indoor cycling, and which attributes are most important to you when you make an important purchase – these are things that no indoor cycling bike review can tell you, no matter how well-written!

Things to consider:

bulletHow dedicated will you be to your routine?  Will you cycle every day, a few times a week, or only occasionally, as a method of cross training for another primary sport?
bulletHow important is the look and style of the bike?  Do you favor a colorful cycle, or a simpler, more streamlined look?
bulletWhere will you place your indoor cycle, and on what type of floor or surface?
bulletDo you know how to do minor maintenance repairs, or would you prefer to have someone else take care of maintenance issues?
bulletAre there any other aspects that you need to consider, such as your budget, which may play a role in selecting a cycling bike?

Once you have analyzed the various characteristics of your personality and cycling routine, it is time to refer to cycling bike reviews that will further help you to define the perfect indoor cycling bike by outlining specific features.

Indoor Cycling Bike Review – Features to consider

Our list of features will help you compare and contrast the many cycling bikes that are available on the market.  These are things to look for:

bulletMechanical device to modify difficulty of pedaling
bulletFully adjustable handlebars that are shaped for comfort
bulletSeat that adjusts forward and backward, as well as up and down
bulletWeighted flywheel to simulate a real outdoor cycle
bulletWater bottle cage
bulletPedals:  either “clipless” or with toe straps
bulletSolid construction – no wobbling or creaking
bulletLeveling system for maximum stability and floor protection
bullet Transport wheels for ease in moving

bulletA warranty

Indoor Cycling Bike Review – Summary

To summarize our cycling bike reviews, we encourage you to keep in mind the main points in selecting an indoor cycle. Choose a model that:

bullet…fits your personality and your cycling routine.
bullet…is easy to use and modify for maximum performance.
bullet…represents both excellence and value.
bullet…features quality craftsmanship and components.

Best Rated Indoor Cycling Bikes

Based on overall value and performance, the Schwinn models of indoor cycle bikes rate as the top cycling bikes.  Founded in 1895, the Schwinn company is known for its quality craftsmanship and modern innovation.  Although they have four excellent models to choose from, we have found that the reasonably priced Schwinn IC Pro Indoor Cycling Bike is perfect for any indoor cyclist’s needs.  Follow this link to learn more about our top rated cycling bike.


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