The Best Indoor Cycling Routines



The popularity of indoor cycling routines has grown tremendously in the past decade, providing a unique, fun, and effective new form of cardiovascular exercise.  Whether you work out at a gym, or within the privacy of your own home, committing to an indoor cycling program is sure to boost your weight loss, self-esteem level, and overall body health. 

Advantages of indoor cycling routines

With so many cardio options to choose from, it may be hard to decide which methods you want to try.  However, once you understand the benefits of indoor cycling, you’ll definitely want to get started on your own indoor cycling program!

bulletStrengthens heart and lungs
bulletDecreases risk for heart disease, osteoporosis and some forms of cancer
bulletProvides excellent toning for major muscle groups including glutes, hamstrings and quads
bulletNo impact on joints as with many other sports and activities
bulletNo special techniques or complicated moves to learn – indoor cycling is easy!
bulletThe rider is always in control of the intensity of the workout
bulletGreat stress releaser and mood-enhancer
bulletPromotes better sleep patterns

What are some characteristics of the best indoor cycling routines?

One great thing about cycling is that anyone can benefit from an indoor cycling program, regardless of age, prior experience, or fitness level.  However, if you want to take your fitness to the next level, you’ll want to know the key ways to boost your indoor cycling program results:

bulletBe sure to vary your indoor cycling routines to include both aerobic and anaerobic segments.  Aerobic work occurs when you ride at a steady pace that you could maintain for a long time; this is the part of the workout that helps you burn the most fat and calories.  Anaerobic work occurs during interval training, and can be facilitated through short, fast sprints, or “hill climbs” with high tension on the bike’s flywheel.  Anaerobic training brings your heart rate higher as the effort level climbs, which is what makes your heart and lungs stronger.  (You can wear a heart rate monitor so that you can properly gauge how hard your body is working.)
bulletThe best indoor cyclists are well prepared for their workout.  Be sure to have plenty of fluids nearby to keep yourself well hydrated, have a towel on-hand to wipe away sweat during the workout, and always wear lightweight, breathable, comfortable workout clothes.
bulletGreat indoor cycling routines appeal to your mind and senses in order to motivate you to work harder. For some people, a CD of upbeat music provides the motivation for a quick cadence; for others, visualizations of various cycling terrains provide a mental cue to push themselves to the next level.
bulletTo get the most out of your workout, be sure to do a warm-up beforehand and a cool-down afterward.  A warm-up not only gets your body loosened up and blood flowing to the muscles, it also helps you to get in the proper mindset to tackle a hard workout.  A cool-down is just as valuable, as it provides a gradual, safe way for your body and mind to transition back to “real life.”

Help with equipment selection

Another key to getting the most from your indoor cycling routines is to be sure you have quality equipment that not only fits your body, but also fits your goals and budget.  As busy schedules do not always allow for a trip to the gym, many people are choosing to undertake an indoor cycling program within the convenience of their own homes.  If you’d like to read more about selecting bikes and instructional media for home workouts, be sure to visit these pages:

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