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We have compiled a list of indoor cycling benefits to help you learn about the advantages of indoor cycling exercise, and the numerous benefits it will impart to your body and mind. Perhaps you’ve tried indoor cycling and you wonder how effective it will be in helping you reach your fitness goals, or maybe you’ve only heard about indoor cycling and are wondering if you should give it a try.  No matter your experience level or goals, this cycling review should convince you that indoor cycling is one of the most effective and fun fitness activities out there!

Before going over the indoor cycling benefits, lets first go over a  brief history of indoor cycling.

What is the origin of indoor cycling exercise?

Competitive cyclist Johnny Goldberg, popularly known as Johnny G., first created indoor cycling in 1986.  While preparing for the Race Across America, he needed a form of cycling that would allow him to complete his training no matter what the weather.  The answer to his dilemma was in the creation of a stationary bike with a weighted flywheel that remarkably simulated an outdoor cycle.  Johnny G. benefited from his invention so much that he figured other people could, too.  He took his idea to Schwinn, the most prominent American bicycle-manufacturing company, and the concept of indoor cycling exercise was born.  Today, indoor cycling is one of the most popular group fitness classes at gyms and clubs, and many people are even purchasing their own cycling bike for their use at home.  (At the end of this indoor cycling benefits article, we will provide a link to a page that will help you choose an indoor cycle for your use at home.)

Advantages of indoor cycling exercise vs. other forms of cardio

There are many reasons why indoor cycling is considered to be one of the most effective and enjoyable exercises; in many cases, cycling rates even higher than other types of activities, including step aerobics, running, or kickboxing.

bulletEveryone can benefit from indoor cycling: all ages and fitness levels will find it to be challenging and rewarding.
bulletThe rider is always in control of the cadence of cycling and the tension on the flywheel.
bulletThere are no complicated moves, techniques, or choreography to master.
bulletIndoor cycling is a non-impact activity, and causes less stress on knees, hips and ankles than many other forms of cardio.
bulletParticipants report that it is the most fun and enjoyable workout they have experienced, and that time seems to pass more quickly than with other forms of cardio which may be monotonous or boring.
bulletGreat instructors, whether in person at a class or on an instructional DVD or video, will lead you through a mental journey of hills and valleys, sprints and recovery periods.

Physical and mental indoor cycling benefits

If you have always thought that exercising had to hurt or be un-enjoyable to bring about maximal benefits, think again!  The next section of our indoor cycling exercise review lists the numerous benefits for your body and mind:

bulletSuperior cardiovascular workout (both aerobic and anaerobic) strengthens the heart and helps lower resting heart rate.
bulletIndoor cycling exercise provides a great way to tone the glutes, quads and hamstrings.
bulletStabilizers and core muscles of the body get a good workout during the sitting and standing positions, which helps encourage good posture in everyday life.
bulletWeight loss goals are reached more quickly, because a rider burns 400-600 calories in one 45-minute indoor cycling session.
bulletIndoor cycling exercise is a great way to release stress and work off tension from your day.
bulletThe visualization cues provided as you ride through a workout “terrain” helps sharpen mental focus.

Selecting the perfect indoor cycle and instructional resources

Now that you have read the indoor cycling benefits, feel free to visit our Indoor Cycling Bike Review and Indoor Cycling DVD Videos Page to help you choose the best bike and instructional materials for you!


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