Choosing a Group Fitness Instructor

Youíve spent a great deal of time convincing yourself to get back in shape, maintain your shape, or at least start thinking about your shape.  That was a big step and you donít want to start back tracking already.  You need to find a group fitness instructor who will assist you in keeping this momentum moving forward.

Group fitness instructors come in all shapes & sizes, with different backgrounds, experiences, and certifications.  Choosing the instructor(s) who will help you reach your fitness goals is not always an easy task.


The following questions are all topics you should investigate when searching for a quality group fitness instructor.  We hope these will assist you in making your decision.

bulletIs the instructor interested in you and your goals?          
A good instructor will want everyone to feel welcome.  They will also put your workout ahead of theirs.
bulletDoes the instructor have a group fitness certification?          
There are many different certifications available.  Follow this question up by asking what was required of them in attaining their certification.
bulletDoes class follow proper format of warm up, aerobic workout, cool down, & flexibility?          
These elements are essential for any aerobic workout.
bulletDid the instructor ask you about your current level of fitness, medical conditions, or injuries?          
A quality instructor will seek these answers so that they can provide not only an effective but also a safe group fitness class.
bulletDoes the instructor pay attention to participant form?          
Good form brings better results and fewer problems.  You are not receiving the full service of a good group fitness class if the instructor is not taking time to ensure proper form.
bulletDoes the instructor demonstrate modified versions of advanced or high impact movements?          
As all participants are not at the same fitness level or experience, a good instructor must show variations.   *NOTE:  As participants you must check your ego at the door.  Class is not a competition and you should follow your instructorís cues and your bodyís signals for when to use these modifications.
bulletIs the instructor able to verbally cue and visually demonstrate movements?          
The instructor must have good communication skills and have the knowledge to cue participants using consistent and recognized terms.
bulletDoes the instructor provide variety in their choreography regularly?          
You will experience better gains and be less subject to injury when your instructor regularly changes exercise choreography. 

 Finally, be sure youíre having fun!!  For many it takes a lot of energy & motivation just to make it to the gym.  A good instructor will be dedicated to helping you enjoy the class, committed to making your workout the best it can be, and will be able to translate his or her enthusiasm into a fun class.  Remember, the only way you will stay with a program of regular aerobic exercise is if you look forward to attending class.



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