When to Change Your Fitness Program

By Rozel Gonzales, B.Comm, MBA, FIS CanFit, YMCA


You may be interested in knowing WHEN you need to revisit your personal trainer. Basically, you need to have your program revised when all the exercises that you were given become attainable. If you have already reached your goals, for example 3 sets of 15 for all exercises, then you need a new challenge. As I have mentioned before, your body needs constant stimulation. If your program becomes too easy, your muscles will no longer improve in terms of size, strength or endurance.


The changes in your program do not have to be drastic. There are many ways that your program can be varied. The intensity of the workout can be increased via the amount of weight, the type of exercise, the number of sets, modifying the angle, changing the sequence of the exercises or even by reducing the amount of rest time in between each set.

A program change may also be necessary if you feel that it is too difficult for you. Give your trainer feedback. Let them know which exercises are uncomfortable, which ones you donít like or find too hard.  To stay motivated, you need to follow a program that you feel good about.  If you are not able to finish it because its either too long or too hard... get it changed.  Staying fit is just as much a mental challenge as it is a physical one. 

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