Nutritional Consultation... who to speak to?

By Rozel Gonzales, B.Comm, MBA, FIS CanFit, YMCA


As a personal trainer, I often get asked questions pertaining to diet and nutrition.  Clients inquire about my own personal diet... they ask my opinion on diets that they have heard about in magazines or in books.  The fact is that I am not a dietician nor a nutritionist.  A personal trainer is a specialist in helping you achieve your fitness goals through exercise.  Unless your trainer has some type of certification in nutrition I do not think that you should be going to them for a meal plan.


Everywhere you turn, you will hear about all types of fad diets.  However be very careful... Without guidance, you may very well be hurting yourself.  You may not be getting all the required nutrients that your body really needs.   Try to find a way of eating that you can keep forever. 

As a trainer, I can truly only advise someone to eat smart by following a diet like the Canada Food Guide.  Although this guide pertains to the general population, it does illustrate how to eat a well balanced diet  covering all the necessary food groups.  While the majority of us of course know what is healthy and what isn't... there are still many individuals out there living on fast food, who never eat fruits and vegetables and thrive on sweets....

In my experience, I have also ran into individuals who exercise religiously, eat healthy diets... however for some reason or another fail to lose any weight.  It would be at this point that I would definitely see a doctor and also consult the advise of a dietician.   There may be medical factors explaining why you can't lose weight.  Be careful.

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