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Welcome to the yoga section of FitMoves.  In this section you will find articles about yoga, information about yoga poses, and yoga videos demonstrating some of the yoga routines.  This section has information for everyone, from beginning enthusiasts to yoga instructors.  We also have information on yoga accessories, yoga apparel and yoga equipment.  Please check back often, as we will constantly be updating and expanding this section. 

Should you have any information you would like to share with the readers, or if there were more topics you would like us to explore, please feel free to email us.


Yoga Articles

Yoga Poses - Information on yoga including the yoga poses (Asenas), breathing (Pranayama) and meditation.  Includes information on both Hatha yoga and Bikram yoga.  General information.

Yoga Salutations - Step by step instructions for performing the yoga salutations.  Explanation of both the symbolic basis and physical benefits of the yoga sun salutations.

Hatha Yoga Stretches - Learn about hatha yoga, and the hatha yoga asanas.  See why the hatha yoga stretches can help lead to a powerful, meditative mind-body connection

Yoga Benefits - Yoga is here to stay.  Learn why it has become so popular, and why it is so beneficial for the mind and body.

Yoga Music - Yoga music can add a unique dimension to your yoga practice.  Learn about the benefits of music, and using a yoga DVD.  Resource for yoga videos, music and other products.

Yoga DVD and Yoga Videos - Help selecting videos for your skill level.  Learn what to look for in yoga DVDs.  Resources and recommendations.

Namaste - A yogic greeting.

Kundalini Awakening Sahaja Yoga - Learn about Kundalini yoga (sahaja yoga).  See how kundalini awakening sahaja yoga is different from other types of yoga.

Famous Yoga Instructors - Learn about well known instructors including Osha Hanfling yoga, Mandy Ingber yoga, and Kate Potter yoga.  See what makes these instructors so sought after.

Yoga Mats And Yoga Supplies - Help selecting the perfect yoga supplies and yoga equipment.  Resources and recommendations.

Women's Yoga Apparel - Yoga Clothing information, recommendations and resources.  Help finding quality comfortable women’s yoga apparel.

Discount Yoga Apparel - Yoga apparel information, recommendations and resources.  Help finding high quality discount yoga apparel.


Yoga Videos

Sun Salutation Video - Rozel Gonzales demonstrates the sun salutation routine.


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