Kundalini Awakening Sahaja Yoga

Among the benefits of yoga is the kundalini awakening sahaja yoga achieves.   Kundalini awakening can be described as a very deep level of self-realization found through the cleansing of the mind, body and emotions.  Kundalini yoga (sahaja yoga) is the school of yoga that focuses on awakening the kundalini energy, which lives in the spine.

What is kundalini?

The word kundalini is Sanskrit for “coiled up” or “coiling like a snake.”  This name derives from the belief that kundalini energy lies coiled up, as a snake might, around the sacrum (tailbone).  According the Hindu mythology, the awakening of the kundalini causes the coils of the snake to become uncoiled, reaching upwards through the spine, and out through the top of the head.  The result of this awakening for most people is described as a surreal experience with heightened sensual awareness and a feeling of transcending the body.


Kundalini awakening occurs as energy flows freely through six channels, or chakras, within the body.  As this energy flows from the base of the spine to the top of the head, a person may feel a tingling sensation flowing upwards through the center of the body.

This energy first develops before we are born, and according to kundalini awakening sahaja yoga, it is the key to three aspects of human life:


Self-organization, which serves to protect and sustain life.


Self-regeneration, which heals and balances the body.


Ascent, which leads to a higher level of awareness and consciousness by transcending the mind.

How is kundalini awakening sahaja yoga different from other types of yoga?

Sahaja yoga was founded in 1970 by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi who states that “Sahaja Yoga is different from other types of Yogas because it begins with Self-Realization.”  This is in contrast to other schools of yoga, where self-realization is the end result, instead of the starting point.  It is described primarily as being a type of meditation, with the ultimate goal of cultivating a higher level of human awareness.

How is the kundalini awakening sahaja yoga practiced?

Sahaja means “in-born.”  The name sahaja was chosen for this type of yoga because the key aspect of its practice lies within each human being at birth:  the ability to sit quietly while stilling the mind and body.  Through practice, every human can master sahaja yoga.

Aspects of kundalini yoga:


Chants (mantras)


Breath control








Hand and finger gestures

These different aspects may be practiced during sahaja yoga to join the mind and body so strongly that the student exists in, or becomes, a higher level of being.  This higher level of being is what brings about the kundalini awakening.

What are the benefits of kundalini awakening?

Through kundalini awakening sahaja yoga, the student is enabled feel energy blockages within his or her own body, and to clear them through the power of the Kundalini energy. An individual who has awakened the kundalini is also “collectively conscious” of the energy blockages in other individuals, and may be able to clear those as well.

Some individuals have found the kundalini awakening sahaja yoga to be a powerful tool in overcoming addictions; this is thought to occur as the body produces elevated levels of endorphins during the heightened consciousness and elevated state of the mind and body.

How can I get started on a yoga practice of my own?

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