Famous instructors: 

Osha Hanfling Yoga, Mandy Ingber Yoga, and Kate Potter Yoga


Famous yoga practices such as Osha Hanfling yoga, Mandy Ingber yoga, and Kate Potter yoga have taught thousands of people to cultivate a mighty power that lies within each of us:  the mind-body connection.  If you are new to yoga, you are most likely wondering how to choose the best instructional aids for your practice.  To help you get off to a good start, we have compiled some key points to consider when selecting the right teacher and instructional DVD.


Factors to consider among yoga instructors

When choosing an instructional DVD for your yoga practice, do some research on the featured yoga teacher.  Some factors to consider include:








Type of yoga





Benefits of yoga on DVD

While yoga has been around for over 5,000 years, DVD technology is a relative newcomer.  However, students and instructors alike are already realizing the benefits of having access to yoga on DVD:


Ability to progress through the sequence at your own pace


Freedom to practice yoga poses and sequences at any time and place


Over the long-term, more affordable than formal yoga classes or sessions with an instructor


Opportunity to gain access to the insights and instruction of the world’s most renowned teachers

We have selected to profile a few of the most experienced and knowledgeable yoga instructors. This will give you an idea of the variety of instructors who are teaching yoga to all levels of students.

Osha Hanfling yoga

Osha Hanfling yoga is characterized by self-transformation through the various poses of the Iyengar style of yoga.  Since 1984, Osha Hanfling yoga has been constantly evolving.  The primary foundation of Osha Hanfling yoga is that through yoga’s poses, we can awaken the mind and body in order to generate a new level of awareness within ourselves.  Osha Hanfling yoga also has the goal of reaching students on a personal level to help them achieve inner freedom.  Osha Hanfling yoga is an example of how dedication can lead to self-transformation.

Mandy Ingber yoga

Mandy Ingber yoga became famous with the addition of Jennifer Aniston as a dedicated student.  Helen Hunt, Brooke Shields, Ricki Lake and Christine Lahti are other famous students of Mandy Ingber.  One foundational belief of Mandy Ingber yoga is:  “Having the body you want begins with loving the body you have.”  As one of L.A.’s premiere programs, Mandy Ingber yoga taps into the inner athlete of every human being. 

Kate Potter yoga

Kate Potter yoga began with a little girl, only ten years old, who first experienced the fun and uniqueness of a yoga practice.  Today, Kate Potter yoga has become a reputable Hatha yoga program based on extensive study in both the U.S. and India.  The Kate Potter yoga sequence can be viewed in Canada, the U.S., Asia and France on the tv series “Namaste.”  The Hatha Vinyasa style of Kate Potter yoga combines strength, flexibility and balance.  Despite all of her recognition, Kate humbly gives the credit to her students; she says, “I hope students will see it is their own heart opening, and they deserve the praise.”

Find your own yoga favorites

One barrier for many people who want to begin a yoga practice of their own is a lack of knowledge and resources, including quality instruction.  One great way to become familiar with the many poses of yoga, as well as the terminology, is to purchase an instructional DVD that you can use anywhere.  

Wai Lana Yoga is the most popular yoga series on television.  They are also an extensive yoga supplier that offers several instructional DVDs, as well as a full line-up of yoga apparel, accessories, mats, and bags.  Follow the link to Wai Lana Yoga to read about Wai Lana’s approach to yoga instruction, and to discover a quality yoga resource that may soon become your favorite.


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