Yoga Videos                                            

Yoga videos are a great way to learn yoga.  If there is not a class in your area, or if you just prefer to learn in the privacy of your own home, a video is right for you.

If youíre already experienced at yoga, purchasing a good yoga video can provide some variety to your routine.  Itís good to spice things up once in a while.

There area many books on yoga, but itís not recommended that you try to learn yoga from a book.  You need to be able to actually see someone practicing the different postures.

There are a great number of videos available, so how do you choose the best yoga video for you? 

Consider these things when selecting your video:

Why do you want to learn yoga? 

Do you want to relax?  Do you want to invigorate yourself?  Do you want to lose weight?  Do you want to burn fat and calories?  Do you want to strengthen your muscles?  Do you want to become more flexible?  Has yoga been suggested by your doctor or other health care provider as a way to improve your health?

You get the idea.  Yoga can do many different things.  Youíll find yoga videos geared toward all of these and more.

Beginner verses advanced

If youíre new to yoga, make sure you buy a yoga video specifically designed for beginners.  It takes time and practice to become flexible enough and strong enough to do many of those poses.  If you try to do things that are beyond your skill level, you may injure yourself.  Start slow and work your way up.

If youíre experienced in yoga, though, youíll want yoga videos geared toward more advanced students.  The beginning stuff wonít be enough of a challenge. 

Who makes the yoga videos?

Youíll want to make sure you get a yoga video that is made by a reputable company and features an experienced, qualified teacher. 

What kind of yoga should you learn?

There are many different types of yoga.  Some focus more on the physical exercises, while others focus more on breathing and relaxing.  Some are more spiritually focused than others.   You can find yoga videos on all of them.

Hatha yoga combines physical poses with breathing exercises.  It increases muscle strength and flexibility, and also helps to relieve stress.  It is a very common form of yoga and is usually considered a good choice for beginners and more advanced students alike.  It will be easy to find yoga videos on this style of yoga.

Raja yoga focuses more on breathing and meditation than on the physical exercises.  Itís good for reducing stress.  Itís another good choice for beginners.  Hatha yoga and raja yoga compliment each other well and are often taught together.  It will be easy to find a yoga video on this type of yoga, as well.

Kriya yoga focuses more on the spiritual side of yoga.  It involves breathing and meditation techniques.  Itís less common and you may have to do some searching to find a yoga video on it.

These are only a few of your choices.  If youíre interested in, or are already practicing, some other kind of yoga, look for yoga videos that focus on that particular style.  Many yoga videos combine techniques from several forms of yoga, so donít worry if you have trouble finding a yoga video on a specific form.

The best yoga video for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences.  Fortunately, there are wide varieties from which to choose, so youíll be sure to find just the right ones for you.

Where can you find the best yoga video?

At FitMoves, we have identified a quality yoga supplier for all types of yoga needs, including yoga videos, music and equipment.  That source is Wai Lana Yoga.  Besides having the most watched yoga TV show, Wai Lana Yoga has a reputation for knowledge and caring, and epitomizes the passion shared among all yoga enthusiasts for health, happiness and well-being.  Follow this link to learn more about the Wai Lana Yoga products.


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