Women’s Yoga Apparel

The selection of women’s yoga apparel has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years, as yoga has become a popular mode of exercise and meditation.  Part of the popularity of yoga is that nearly any women of all ages, athletic abilities and experience levels can practice and benefit from it. 

While yoga does not have a specific uniform, there are some key pieces of yoga clothing you will want to own in order to get the most from your practice.   To view a selection of quality women’s yoga apparel, follow this link to the Danskin yoga collection.  Or, if you’d like to read more about the types of yoga clothing and how to select it, continue reading.

Key women’s yoga apparel pieces

While there are no swimsuits, helmets or cleats in yoga, there are plenty of yoga clothing must-haves.  Yoga is more comfortable and more rewarding when you have the right pieces; these are the women’s yoga apparel pieces that we consider to be essential for the ultimate yoga experience:


Tops.  Yoga tops come in a wide variety of styles, colors and patterns.  Style choices include tank tops, camisoles, sleeveless tops, t-shirts, cap-sleeve tops, and long-sleeved designs.  The array of colors and patterns available in yoga tops allow students to personalize their look and practice.  Many women prefer a form-fitting style of top to prevent it from falling over their face when performing inverted poses.  However, if you are more comfortable in a loose-fitting top, this is fine also.


Sports bra.  Comfort and support should both be taken into account when selecting a sports bra for yoga.  The bra should provide maximum support while not inhibiting freedom of movement in the arms, shoulders and torso.


Pants.  Black and grey are the traditional colors for yoga pants, but many manufacturers now offer pants in red, yellow, blue, green, pink and other colors. Some pants feature a wide elastic waistband for fit and comfort, while others have a drawstring waist.  Yoga pants come in full-length and crop styles.  If you prefer stretchy, form-fitting fabrics, it is best to avoid any “shiny” or slick materials that may cause you to slide during certain poses.


Shoes.  Although yoga has traditionally been a bare-foot undertaking, many women today are choosing to wear flexible yoga shoes with grippy rubber soles. 

Factors to consider when selecting women’s yoga apparel

The perfect piece of yoga apparel is the one you always reach for first after you have done laundry. If you’d like to build an entire collection of pieces that fit and feel just like that one favorite, memorize this list of tips before you buy another piece of yoga clothing!


Comfort.  Choose yoga clothing that allows you to twist, turn, and stretch freely.  There should be no limitation of movement for any body part in any position.  Some women are more comfortable in loose fitting clothing, while others prefer more form-fitting apparel.


Level of Exposure.  Be sure that as you bend and move through your poses, your apparel does not expose an uncomfortable level of your body or skin.


Material.  Choose easy-to-clean, low maintenance materials that breathe well, absorb sweat, and feel good against your skin.


Durability.  Clothing should be well-constructed, with a durable design and strong seams.


Personal Style.  Don’t be afraid to select pieces that express your personality!  Having an outfit that makes you feel good will help you to be a more confident student.

Where to find quality women’s yoga apparel

At FitMoves we are committed to helping every woman achieve her health and fitness goals.  In this spirit, we have discovered a yoga supplier with an extensive line of women’s yoga clothing and accessories. Follow the link to view the Danskin yoga collection, and choose a few pieces to add to your yoga apparel line-up.


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