Best Weight Loss Exercise Program


Finding the best weight loss exercise program is important to your weight loss success, because it is much easier to stay consistent with an exercise program that you love. But, the reality is that there is not a best exercise for weight loss that works for every person... simply because of the fact that each individual has unique preferences about activities that they enjoy.

Here is a list of some of the popular programs, so that you can identify the best weight loss exercise program for your personal situation:


A good at-home exercise program is called P90X, and this program is a series of 12 DVDs that address every muscle group in the body. This exercise program is very intense, and it takes time to build up your endurance so that you can successfully complete the exercises in their entirety.

If you have time to dedicate each day and you want to see rapid results, then this might be the best exercise for weight loss because it is so rigorous. The program combines cardiovascular exercises, weight training, and even yoga. It uses a technique called "muscle confusion" that keeps the body challenged by changing the patterns and movements.

Many people have positive things to say about P90X, although it may be too difficult for some people who are not willing to put in the time to build up their endurance.

Biggest Loser Club

The TV show, "The Biggest Loser," initiated this online weight loss program, and some people have really enjoyed the program because of the connection that it has with the television show. There are many things to enjoy about the online subscription, because there are training tips and meal plans available to use.

Some people don't think that it is the best weight loss exercise program though, because it can be difficult to put together a specific routine since the website focuses more on training tips and encouraging daily exercise of both cardiovascular and strength training. These people prefer more of a structured, daily schedule that outlines specific steps to follow.

Body for Life

Some people rant and rave about a book called "Body for Life," calling it the best exercise for weight loss because it is a simple plan that can be applied in 45 minutes per day or less. This exercise program combines cardiovascular exercising with strength training, and there are specific steps that need to be followed to get a full-body workout throughout the week.

One advantage to Body for Life is that it also includes a meal plan to help with portion control and calorie intake, although some people have complained that the meal plan is too much work. To adhere to the meal plan, you must prepare six small meals per day, instead of 3 meals per day that most meal plans suggest.

The Best Weight Loss Results

When you are starting the best weight loss exercise program for your personal lifestyle, it is important that you also focus on a healthy meal plan at the same time. Exercising is a good start, but it is much more effective when it's combined with a good meal plan system that is well-balanced and includes all of the major food groups. We suggest combining the best exercise for weight loss with a meal plan program called Nutrisystems, because the healthy meals from Nutrisystem are very complimentary with a consistent exercise program. A healthy diet and exercise program is a great way to improve your daily habits, and feel great.



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