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It can be overwhelming to find the best weight loss plan, because there are so many options to choose from. Everything from Weight Watchers, to the Sonoma Diet, to Slim-Fast, or Nutrisystem... just to name a few. Today we are going to take a closer look at a few of the most popular low calorie diet plan options to help you find the best fit for your lifestyle.

Weight Watchers

One of the reasons people claim that Weight Watchers is the best weight loss plan is because it is an easy program to follow and people are more likely to be successful with the good support system that Weight Watchers offers. Weekly meetings are held, where you can connect with other people who are also losing weight. These meetings are a great way to build a support system and find friends who will encourage you in your weight loss goals.

One of the biggest advantages to Weight Watchers is that it is a simple point system, so a person simply needs to tally their points for the day and be sure they are staying within their point limit. These points help the person to understand portion control and a low calorie diet plan, without having to count calories or fat grams in every bite of food that is eaten.

Sonoma Diet

The new Sonoma Diet has become more popular in recent years, mainly because there are no major food restrictions which allows a person to eat from all of the food groups. This eating plan doesn't require you to count calories, it simply focuses on eating balanced meals with the right types of food.

Instead of making you feel restricted, like a low calorie diet plan does, the Sonoma diet focuses on the enjoyment of food and how a person can eat the foods that they love... but in reasonable portions. The book teaches about using plate and bowl sizes to monitor portion control, which is a good way to eat larger portions of good foods and limit the portions of the unhealthy foods.


The convenience of Slim-Fast is one of the most appealing aspects of this diet, simply because it is easy to replace a meal with a pre-made shake or frozen meals. Slim-Fast can be beneficial for temporary weight loss, but it is difficult to continue following the plan simply because a person can't live on shakes for the rest of their lives.

People who have used Slim-Fast found that it was easy in the beginning, but they quickly became tired of the taste of the meal replacement shakes. Also, once they stopped drinking the shakes they still needed to find a weight loss solution because they didn't learn any long-term strategies for meal planning or day-to-day living without the meal replacements.


In our opinion, the Nutrisystem is the best weight loss plan out there, simply because it provides a way to eat healthy foods without having the stress of shopping for specific ingredients or spending hours in the kitchen each day. The meals in this program are based on the Glycemic index, making weight loss and healthy eating easier and more enjoyable.

When a person signs up for Nutrisystem, they choose the meal plans that is best for them... and those meals are sent in ready-to-go packages. Because of the ease of implementation, it is a great program for busy people who don't want to fuss with the details of dieting.

Additionally, we found that Nutrisystem Diet was the best weight loss plan because it naturally teaches a person to follow a low calorie diet plan by eating well balanced meals and appropriate portion control.



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