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Weider Club 2980 Weight System



The bow cross gym Weider used to make is no longer available and has been replaced with the new Weider Club 2980 Weight System. We liked the bow cross home gym and were eager to check out the new system to see how it measured up. Weíre pleased to say we like it as much as, if not better, than the old model.

The new system is more versatile than the bow cross gym was because the pulleys allow for a greater range of motion. This allows you to get a more complete workout, including those hard to reach places.

Features We Like

Impressive features of the Weider Club 2980 Weight System include:

bulletOffers up to 214 pounds of resistance, depending on the exercise and number of weights you select
bulletPulleys that provide greater range of motion than was available with the bow cross gym Weider used to make
bulletHigh pulley which offers 15 different exercises
bulletLow pulley which offers 40 different exercises
bullet150 pounds of vinyl weights
bulletAdjustable seat so you can get the perfect position for every exercise
bulletIncluded hand strap and ankle strap to make exercises easier
bulletFour-roll leg developer to work out your hamstrings, hip-flexors, glutes and quads
bulletVertical knee raise station for core training exercises Ė the arm pieces of this station also fold easily out of the way when you need to do other exercises, like pull-ups
bullet Built in pull-up station to work out your biceps, lats and forearms
bulletStanding squat station to work out your calves, glutes, hamstrings and quads
bulletDip station to work out your chest, shoulders and triceps
bulletWeight stack is enclosed in safety shroud to prevent possible injury
bulletStep-by-step exercise chart, providing easy-to-follow instructions for exercises to work out specific muscle groups
bulletItís compact, at 80 inches long by 66 inches wide by 82 inches high

Exercises We Like on the Weider Club 2980 Weight System

The Weider Club 2980 Weight system is a good home gym for beginners because itís easy to use, but it also provides all the features needed by more experienced trainers. You can perform 55 difference exercises on the equipment, with varying amounts of resistance, including:

bulletArm curl
bulletLeg curl
bulletBench press
bulletLat pull down
bulletTricep push down
bulletShould press
bulletChest fly
bulletMany others

Best Rated Home Gym

The thing we like best about the Weider 2980 Weight System is its versatility. We love that you can do 55 different exercises and we also love how easy it is to move from one exercise to another. With so much variety, you wonít get bored and youíre sure to get a thorough workout.   

As mentioned earlier, this is a great gym for beginners as well as more experienced trainers, which we also think is important.  If youíre just starting a fitness routine, you donít want to spend a lot of money on a piece of equipment that youíll soon outgrow.  If you have family members or housemates that also want to work out, itís nice to have equipment that can be used by those with varying levels of fitness. 

Finally, we love the detailed exercise chart that comes with this system. Not only does it provide easy-to-follow instructions, it shows you which exercises work which muscle groups, which is really important if you want to target specific areas of your body.

If you want to learn more about the Weider 2980 Weight System, just follow the link to the Amazon Website. There are also hundreds of customer reviews of the equipment which we found really helpful.


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