Fast Weight Loss Diets


Fast weight loss diets are often used by those people that are trying to lose weight quickly for a specific reason. For example, we often hear that someone is watching what they eat so they can get ready for swimsuit season (or their wedding, or an upcoming school reunion, etc). These are a few of the most popular diets for quick weight loss that can be considered:

Cabbage Soup Diet

When the top of fast weight loss diets is discussed, one of the most common diets that comes up is the cabbage soup diet. There are claims that this diet can actually help a person to lose up to 10 pounds in a week, but it requires strict adherence to the eating plan. Each day lists specific foods that can be eaten, and throughout the week you are allowed to eat unlimited amounts of cabbage soup.

In addition to the cabbage soup, other foods that can be eaten includes green vegetables, certain types of fruit such as watermelon or bananas, a baked potato, and there are also two days that includes protein such as chicken or beef.

The problem with this cabbage soup diet, along with other diets for quick weight loss is the fact that it is not practical to continue eating cabbage soup on an ongoing basis. The menu quickly becomes boring, and people usually fall back into their old eating habits... which results in the weight coming back.

Master Lemonade Cleanse

This cleanse is one of those fast weight loss diets that is referred to by different names. Some people call it the lemonade diet, some call it the master cleanse, and there are many variations that are similar to those names. The cleanse typically lasts for a week, and it involves drinking a lemonade mixture of freshly squeezed lemons, cayenne pepper, and maple syrup.

The idea is that by cleansing the body you are helping the weight to release. The truth is, that any liquid only diet will cause you to lose weight. When solid foods are introduced back into the diet again, you are likely to gain those pounds back (and possibly even more than before).

We don't suggest using the master cleanse diets for quick weight loss, because this diet doesn't teach healthy habits or meal ideas that can be used for a long period of time. Crash diets often result in fast weight loss followed by fast weight gain right after the diet is over, and the yo-yoing weight can have a severe negative impact on a person's health.

Healthy, Clean Eating

As we review various types of diets for quick weight loss, our favorite plans are those programs that help a person to quickly lose weight while they are learning about healthy meal plans. The best way to lose weight and keep it off is by understanding healthy meal planning, because it creates life-long habits that can be implements for years to come. It is good to quickly lose weight, but it is even better to lose that weight and be able to keep it off.

One of the most effective and fast weight loss diets is called Nutrisystems, and the reason we suggest it is because this weight loss program helps to you follow a consistent eating plan that focuses around healthy ingredients. The meals are prepared in advance for you, so that you don't have to spend hours in the kitchen preparing your diet food. It is a simple way to supercharge your eating, and help you get on the right track for healthier habits.



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