All Terrain Spin: 

August 2002                                                                                                                        

# Song Artist Type
1 Party @ Tina Bride Standing Warm-Up
2 Without Me   Eminen        Individual or float leg warm up
3 Sk8er Boi       Avril Lavigne Sprint
4 Just like a Pill Pink Seated Climb
5 Days Go By ? Interval Seated/standing climb/road racing as well
6 I am Alive       Celine Dion                Seated climb
7 Should I stay    Clash       Road Racing
8 Addictive Truth Hurts    Float Leg.   Work the up upstroke
9 A little less conversation  Elvis Presley    Sprint 
10 Black Suits Will Smith Dig/Slides
11 Don't turn out of the lights     Enrique Iglieses Standing Climb
12 Swamp Thing    The grid       Sprints/Jjumps
13 Back at one    Brian Mcknight    Cool down
14 Ordinary Days   Vanessa Carlton    Second cool down

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