Justin's 80's Spin

October 2003               

"I do this class once a month just to break up the monotony of all that pop and techno...enjoy." 

                                                                                                               Justin Daniel


# Song Artist Type
1 Girls Girls Girls Motely Crue Warm Up
2 Lay Your Hands on Me Bon Jovi Jog
3 Photograph Def Leppard Seated Climb
4 Dirty Deeds done Dirt Cheap ACDC Seated Climb or Jumps


Livin on the Edge Aerosmith Break Aways
6 Turn Up the Radio Autograph Standing Climb
7 Panama Van Halen Seated/Standing
8 Welcome to the Jungle Guns & Roses Sprints
9 I Hate Myself for Loving You Joan Jett Standing Run
10 Round and Round Ratt Seated Climb
11 Hurricane Scorpion  Standing Sprints or Break Aways
12 Cherry Pie Warrant Jog or Flat
13 Every Rose Has Its Thorn Poison Cool Down
14 Heaven Bryan Adams Stretch


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