What is Indoor Cycling?


Indoor Cycling is a group exercise class done on stationary bikes.  During the class the instructor simulates a ride.  Together, you travel on flat roads, climb hills, sprint and race!  It is truly a fantastic cardiovascular class.  

The beauty of indoor cycling is that you can do it even when its raining or snowing outside!  You are kept motivated by the instructor, the people around you and by the music!  Its lots of fun.

When I teach, I like to make my ride match my music. When the music is slow I like to do hill climbs.  I usually sprint to fast music... and with music that has constantly changing tempos, I like to do intervals...  For me, the music makes the class.  Where I teach, we cycle in a dark room with a disco ball in the middle of the ceiling.  As the music plays, the colored lights flash to the music!  It's a real trip!

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