Frequently Asked Questions:


How much does personal training cost?

The normal rates for personal training can be anywhere from about $35 to $60 per session. This fee may vary depending on the experience and knowledge or your trainer. Other factors also come into play such as where the client lives, group fees or how often they wish to train.



How often do I have to hire a personal trainer?

If you are already very familiar in the weight training environment, perhaps all you need is for your trainer to create a new program for you.  It is wise to constantly change the stimuli you are sending to your body.  If your body gets too accustomed to your exercise habits, there will no longer be any progression.  CHANGE is one of the most important factors in a fitness regiment.  If this is the case, you would ask your trainer to customize a new program for you.  You would work on this program for a specified amount of time and then when you are ready for more, you would revisit your trainer.

On the other hand, if you are totally new to fitness and weight training, you will need to spend more time with your trainer at the beginning.  Your trainer needs to educate you.  They need to teach you the exercises and show you how to move your body correctly.  This is not something that can be learned in one day.   In my experience I have found that first timers have a very hard time REMEMBERING all the exercises.  They need the trainer there for guidance to verify their posture, their movements and to remind them which exercise is what and exactly what muscles they are working.  So, if this is your situation, you may need to work out a plan with your trainer.  For example, you could tell your trainer that you would like to learn how to work out on your own... Would it be possible to have them TEACH you the complete routine in let's say 4 or 5 sessions?  Here's a suggestion.  Don't do all 4 or 5 sessions all at once.  You will be overwhelmed with too much information.  Train with your personal trainer once or twice, then give yourself time to try it on your own.  Then in a week or two have them come back to see how you are doing.

Lastly, if you would prefer to have a personal trainer with you all the time.... YOU HAVE LOTS OF MONEY!!!!  Ha Ha!  But if you can afford it, terrific!  Having a trainer by your side at all times will ensure that you are working properly.  They will be there to motivate you when you need that extra push.  Most importantly, they will be there to monitor your improvement on a regular basis.   Having them there at all times will allow them to get to know your bodies more thus making it easier for them to really customize your workout JUST for you.

How do I choose a personal trainer?

Don't be shy to ask your trainer about their credentials.  Make sure that they are certified.  Make sure that they have kept up to date and informed.  The fitness industry is a rapidly changing.  New practices and ideas are always coming up.  Ask your potential trainer if he attends workshops and training sessions to keep him/herself abreast with the industry.  Your personal trainer MUST be certified with a fitness organization such as the YMCA, ACE, CANFIT.  As well, they should be CPR certified.  Choose someone whose personality appeals to you, someone who can motivate you! 

What is the first thing I will be expected to do?

If your personal trainer is good, you will be asked to fill out a PAR-Q (Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire).  This is a form that asks you about your medical history.  This form serves as a safety precaution both for yourself and the personal trainer.  If you have had any serious health problems in the past, the trainer will advise you to seek a doctor's approval before training.  For the trainer, it will help them asses your  physical capabilities.

The personal trainer should also conduct some type of an interview with you asking you questions about your goals, your training history and your availability.  These responses will help in the design of your program.  Lastly, you will most probably ask you to fill out an informed consent form.   This form waives the personal trainer of any responsibility for any injuries or any mishaps that should occur while following the fitness regiment.  This is a normal form that is also filled out any time someone joins a gym or any other type of fitness organization.