Just starting out?

So, let me guess... You just finished your personal training certification course... you have no experience and no clients... WHERE DO YOU START?  If this is your situation, I would suggest that you find an association where you can get some experience doing  volunteer work.  Try your local YMCA, a community center or even your school!  Doing volunteer work is great practice, and typically if people are getting a service for free, they will not be half as demanding as paying clients.  It is also a fantastic way for you to make contacts and meet potential clients!  Once you feel comfortable with your capabilities, you can then venture out and start building your own clientele.

Building a clientele just like anything else takes time and hard work.  Try recruiting clients by posting an ad at your gym, in your newspaper or by putting flyers in people's mailboxes.  Use your contacts!  If you work at a company with a gym facility, why not recruit at work!  All you need to do to get started is make ONE person happy.  Usually if this happens, word of mouth will help you out. 

Always make sure that your client is happy.  You need to TEACH them about fitness.  Do not just quickly show them a program and let them fend for themselves.  Be available for questions and tips.  You are their fitness consultant.  Help them in any way that you can. 

Good Luck!