Bandflex Gym Home Review

 Is Bandflex a good buy for the money?



We have done a careful Bandflex gym home review to help you decide if the Band Flex Gym by Stamina is the right home gym for you.   Our Band flex home gym search found the following:

bulletIt is very difficult to get a full body workout.
bulletIt offers up to 260 pounds of weight resistance when performing leg curls and arm curls.
bulletIt offers up to 130 pounds of resistance for most other exercises
bulletIt uses resistance cords that allow you to safely perform resistance exercises without a spotter.
bulletResistance cords are somewhat difficult to adjust, despite having the so-called "Quick Snap" system.
bulletIt has a sliding seat for rowing and performing leg press exercises.
bulletOur Band flex home gym search found that Band Flex is unique in that it folds up easily for convenient storage.  When folded, it is 21.5 X 27.5.  It is though, somewhat difficult to set up and take down.
bulletBand Flex home gyms also come with a five-year warranty.  Its a shorter warranty than most pieces of home equipment, but you can't expect much at this price point.

Our Band flex home gym search also found that you can only perform about 40 exercises on the Bandflex Home Gym, including:

bulletbench press
bulletleg curl
bulletarm curl
bulletlat pull down
bullettricep push down
bulletshoulder press
bulletchest fly
bulletmany other strength training and cardiovascular exercises

Our Opinion:

Our Bandflex gym home review determined that Band Flex is a poor choice for people who want an all-in-one exercise machine.  Band Flex is poorly made and very limiting in the exercises that you can perform.  This takes into consideration both strength training and cardiovascular exercises.  When it comes to your health, there are more important considerations than just the price of the equipment.

Our Bandflex home gym reviews found that Band Flex is similar in style to the Weider Crossbar and the Bowflex home gyms.  Both the Weider Crossbar and the Bowflex offer additional features, hence the higher price.  If you want to spend a little more and get top-of-the-line equipment, check out our top rated home gyms.  As our Bandflex gym home review determined, however, the Band Flex gym is not as good as advertised.

We hope this Bandflex gym home review has helped you in deciding if a Band Flex home gym is right for you.  Feel free to write to us if you have questions about your home gym purchase.


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