Benefits of Exercise



There are many benefits of exercise.  With so many forms of exercise available, everyone can reap the benefits of physical fitness.

To make the most of your exercise program, plan to work out at least four times per week.  Schedule 40 Ė 45 minutes per workout session.  Spend 10 minutes warming up, 20 Ė 30 minutes working out, and 5 Ė 10 minutes cooling down.  Practice working exercise into your weekly routing.  Make a habit of it.

Choose an exercise you enjoy so you will stick with it.  You donít have to do the same exercise every time; in fact, variety is a good thing.  By varying your routine, you wonít get bored, and youíll exercise different body parts, thereby getting the greatest possible benefits of exercise. 

There are benefits of physical fitness equipment such as weights and exercise bikes, but if you donít have these, you can still get a good work out.  Consider using an exercise video of an aerobics class one day, taking a brisk walk another day, and dancing to your favorite music another day.  To add more variety to your workouts, consider joining a local gym or YMCA or taking a fitness course such as water aerobics or yoga.  To make exercise more fun and to motivate yourself, plan to do it with a friend.

Health Benefits

There are many health benefits of physical fitness, including:

bulletLower blood pressure
bulletLower cholesterol
bulletImproved circulation
bulletDecreased risk of heart disease
bulletDecreased risk of stroke
bulletDecreased risk of diabetes
bulletReduced risk of developing colon cancer and breast cancer
bulletReduced risk of developing osteoporosis
bulletReduced risk of developing arthritis
bulletMaintaining a healthy body weight
bulletIncreased energy
bulletDecreased stress and depression
bulletStrengthens the immune system
bulletSleeping better at night
bulletReduces some of the effects of aging

People who exercise are much healthier than people who donít, and the health benefits are immense.  Itís never too late to start exercising and improve your health.


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