Home Gym Review:  Bow Cross Gym Weider (Weider Max)



The bow cross gym Weider makes is now known as the Weider Max.  The popular Weider cross bow home gym comes complete with everything you need for a full body workout.  It is versatile enough to accommodate people of all fitness levels. 

The Weider max home gym is unique because it uses a patented compound resistance system composed of bows, to provide resistance for strength training exercises.  The six bows are attached perpendicularly to the tower at the end of the bench.  Made from a rigid material that resists bending, these bows provide resistance via cables (instead of lead weights, as other home gyms use).  Varying the amount of resistance as you change from one exercise to another is as simple as switching the clips at the ends of the bows. 

Features We Liked

Impressive features of the Weider max home gym include:

bulletPatented compound resistance system (CRS), which provides resistance without the use of lead weights.
bulletQuick Change Resistance System, which allows you to change resistance from a minimum of five pounds up to a maximum of 240 pounds (upgradeable to 440 pounds) in seconds.
bulletItís easy to go quickly from one exercise to the next.
bulletFour position padded bench for maximum comfort.
bulletRowing seat for cardiovascular exercise.
bulletLat tower, preacher curl station, extended six-roll leg developer, and waist band and ankle straps.
bulletBecause there is no weight stack, the entire gym is lightweight and easy to move.
bulletIt comes with lifetime warranty on the bows and a five-year warranty on the rest of the equipment.  Youíll probably never need the warranty because the equipment is very well made, but itís nice to know itís there just in case.

Exercises We Liked on the Weider Max

The bow cross gym Weider offers is easy for beginners to use, but provides all the features needed by even the most experienced trainers.  You can perform more than 65 different exercises on the Weider max home gym, including both strength training and cardiovascular exercises.  Exercises include:

bulletBench press
bulletLeg curl
bulletArm curl
bulletLat pull down
bulletTricep push down
bulletShoulder press
bulletChest fly
bulletMany other strength training and cardiovascular exercises.

Best Rated Home Gym

The thing we like best about the Weider max home gym is how easy it is to use.  As mentioned earlier, itís a great gym for beginners as well as the more experienced trainer.  It comes with a detailed instruction manual and the suggested exercises are easy to perform.  Itís easy to learn to use the Quick Change Resistance System and with more than 65 different exercises to choose from, you wonít get bored.

The bow cross gym Weider makes is often compared to the Bowflex home gym, because the two gyms are very similar.  The Bowflex offers a few additional features, but at nearly double the price.  Weider gyms are our top rated gyms, because they offer the best value for your money. To learn more about the Weider Max Home Gym, or to purchase the Weider Max at a very low price, just follow the links provided.

If you have any questions about Weider home gyms, including the bow cross gym Weider offers, please write to us.


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