Bowflex Exercises



With bowflex exercises you have the power to improve your looks, confidence, and health.  A bowflex workout improves your entire body, safely, effectively and efficiently.  This is why we believe that bowflex machines are the top home gyms on the market. 

Bowflex Benefits

While there are several home gym manufacturers, we feel that bowflex home gyms offer specific benefits that make them a superior choice.  Here are just a few examples of the benefits of bowflex gyms:

bulletWith a bowflex workout, you get gym-quality results in the privacy and convenience of your own home.  As one user stated, the bowflex home gym gave him the power to change his life right in his garage.
bulletA bowflex home gym more than pays for itself, once you consider the cost of a gym membership, plus time and money involved in getting to and from the gym.
bulletBowflex technology is specially designed to help isolate the specific muscles you want to work, while lessening the chance of improper or dangerous form, as with free weights.
bulletEfficient changeover capability between bowflex exercises allows a fast-paced cardio circuit.
bulletAs over 1 million dedicated bowflex owners will tell you, bowflex exercises work.  In 20 minutes, 3 days per week, you will start to see:

bulletbetter body shape.
bulletimproved confidence.
bulletincreased stamina throughout your day.
bulletdecreased rate of age-related muscle loss.

How Bowflex Works

We wondered if one machine really could provide gym quality results.  The secret behind the bowflex workout lies in its patented PowerRod Technology.  These rods provide the resistance, or “weight,” for each exercise.  To switch between resistance levels, the user attaches a cable to the rod marked with the desired weight.  As the cable is pulled during the exercise, the rod bends; the less resistant the rod is to bending, the more “weight,” the user feels during the exercise.  To change between various bowflex exercises, the user varies the set-up of the bench, frame, and attachments to perform sitting, standing, lying, or kneeling exercises.  We were skeptical of claims that this process could be quick and easy – but after using the bowflex, we found that the meticulously thought-out design really does make it possible to do a full body workout in 20 minutes. 

Bowflex for Weight Loss

One of the most important benefits of strength training is that it will help you burn more calories, even while you sit still or sleep!  This is because muscles are made up of energy-greedy cells that burn through calories very quickly.  Since the cornerstone of weight loss is to burn more calories than you consume, it makes sense that increasing these calorie-burners through toning your muscles will help you lose weight more quickly.  The best bowflex exercises help you target the largest muscles in the body so that you can increase your metabolism.  To burn even more calories, an aerobic component can be added by doing a bowflex workout circuit, where you quickly change between exercises in order to keep your heart rate elevated.  Here is an example of a quick bowflex workout designed to increase your calorie burn:

  1. Seated leg press - works quadriceps.

  2. Calf raise - seated or standing.

  3. Lat row - targets lats, biceps, core muscles.

  4. Truck rotation to left and right - tones abs obliques.

  5. Chest press - isolates chest, triceps, deltoids.

If you don't have time for exercise, there are other alternatives that you can consider and one of which is liposuction.

Buying a Bowflex

Financing options make a bowflex home gym an affordable option for anyone who wants to feel and look better through fitness. To learn more about the various bowflex models, read about financing choices, or purchase a bowflex home gym, follow this link to visit the Bowflex Website.



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