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In these bowflex reviews, we tested and evaluated the fitness equipment made by bowflex.  We looked at models including the bowflex ultimate, bowflex xtreme SE, bowflex blaze and their newest, top-of-the-line, bowflex revolution.  Bowflex offers a variety of home gyms; all of excellent quality, with a variety of features and at a variety of prices, so one is sure to be right for you.  Our fitness experts love the bowflex equipment, as do our readers who have tried it.  And as you will read in our bowflex revolution reviews, our experts found the revolution to be their top choice for home gym equipment.

Our bowflex reviews of home gyms show they are user friendly and youíll get the hang of it in no time.  Theyíre a great investment for both beginners and more experienced trainers.  They are designed so that itís quick and easy to switch from one exercise to the next, so that your workout will flow smoothly.  Bowflex home gyms allow you to do cardiovascular exercises as well as strength training, unlike some exercise equipment that just focuses on weight training.

Bowflex Reviews:

The Bowflex Ultimate
Bowflex Power Rods offer 310 pounds of resistance without the risk of joint pain or injury inherent with free weights.  This can be upgraded to 410 pounds.  In addition to a full-body muscle-building workout, there is a built-in rowing machine for a calorie-burning, cardiovascular workout.  A quick reference fitness poster comes with complete instructions for each exercise.

The Bowflex Xtreme SE
This home gym offers health club quality exercises in a compact, vertical machine, and is therefore an excellent choice for those with limited space.  Its reinforced X-shaped base offers maximum stability.  The ergonomic adjustable seat provides maximum comfort and helps prevent injury, as does the Power Rod resistance technology.  It offers a full-body workout in the comfort of your own home.

The Blaze
Our bowflex reviews show that the bowflex blaze offers more than 60 health club quality exercises.  It comes with a complete fitness guide with detailed instructions for each exercise.  Itís designed to help you build muscle quickly.  It comes with a sliding seat for rowing exercises that provides a great cardiovascular workout, or warm up and cool down for strength training.  The blaze folds and rolls on wheels for easy storage, so itís a good choice for those with limited space.  

The Bowflex Revolution
The bowflex revolution is the newest bowflex gym, and our bowflex reviews show it is the favorite of fitness experts.  The revolution uses SpiraFlex Resistance Technology to provide up to 220 pounds of resistance for upper body exercises (300 pounds, with upgrade) and 600 for lower body workout (with upgrade).  Bowflex revolution reviews show that this SpiraFlex Resistance Technology allows for smoother lifting than regular lead weights and lessens the risk of joint injuries. 

With more than 100 exercises, you wonít get bored.  Our bowflex revolution reviews showed us that this helps people stick with their exercise program longer.  The bowflex home gym comes with both an instructional manual and a workout DVD to help you learn to use your equipment and get the most from your workout.  Our bowflex revolution reviews of the manual and DVD found them to be excellent resources. 

What Else Do The Experts Say?

When asked about the bowflex revolution, strength training expert Tony Farello says, "No other gym can match it for quality, ease of use, gym quality feel of the equipment, and of course smoothness and functionality of the equipment.  For my fitness needs, I believe that spending a little more to get a lot more is well worth it". 

According to Nancy Spears,  "When I first started using a bowflex home gym, I could immediately see the difference.  Bowflex machines are easy to use, easy to adjust the weight, and my workouts seem more thorough.  I really feel that the results I have gotten with bowflex in just the past 5 months are just as good as I would have gotten by going to a gym.  And all this from the comfort of my home!Ē

How Does Bowflex Compare To Other Home Gyms?

Bowflex is often compared to other home gyms, such as the weider crossbow.  The bowflex, however, offers many superior features not offered by any other home gym.  Itís SpiraFlex and Power Rod Technology is unique and the bowflex home gyms offer more exercises than most other comparable home gyms.  Bowflex offers home gyms starting at $399, so itís affordable for everyone. Follow this link to the Bowflex Store on to learn more or to purchase your bowflex home gym. Amazon has the best prices and we found their customer reviews very helpful.


If you have questions about any of the bowflex equipment including the bowflex revolution, please email us. 


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