Endurance Treadmills Review 



As part of our treadmill reviews, endurance treadmills are another brand that we wanted to cover.  Before we discuss the machines, let’s take a look at the company that makes them.

Body-Solid is the manufacturer of the endurance treadmill.  Since 1981, Body-Solid has been making fitness equipment, including home gyms and strength equipment, as well as several models of treadmills.  Body-Solid is known for its generous warranties and great customer service.

Now that we know a little about the Body-Solid company, you are probably wondering what characteristics endurance treadmills are known for.  Features of all models of the endurance treadmill include:

bulletWelded steel frames for added stability and durability.
bulletSpeed range of 0.5 to 10 mph on all models.
bulletIncline capabilities from 0% to 12%.
bulletWater bottle holder.
bulletLED profile screen.
bulletPreset workout programs.
bulletSafety key stop.
bullet6-point deck suspension.
bulletLifetime warranty.

There are five different endurance treadmill models to choose from, ranging in price from $1,699 to the upper $2000s.  Each endurance treadmill has its own set of features and capabilities, such as preset programs, safety stop, easy-to-read console, and various thicknesses of belts.  The lower models have 7 preset programs, while the upper model features 13 programs.  One thing that is nice about the console on endurance treadmills is that you can see your workout time, distance traveled, current speed, and calories burned.  The console will even tell you your “elevation” if you are using the incline feature either manually, or as part of a preset program.

Additional features that are included on some, but not all, models include a folding mechanism, telemetric heart rate technology, CD holder, and cool-down mode.

How do we rate endurance treadmills against the other brands?

Overall, we give endurance treadmills a satisfactory rating.  An endurance treadmill offers the key features we mentioned above, however they are lacking in the following areas:

bullet Motor size for the money.
bullet Belt size for the money.
bullet Number of features on the console.
bullet Creative innovation and design featured by other brands.
bullet Overall value.

As we did our research, we also discovered a major drawback with regard to workout safety on endurance treadmills:  several models were recalled due to unexpected changes in speed.  As any treadmill user knows, any unexpected speed fluctuation at all can cause serious injuries and poses a serious threat to the welfare of the user, whether walking or running.

The endurance treadmills are decent, well-made machines, but for the same price, you can get a better-made treadmill with more features.  To help you maximize your fitness budget, we rate LifeSpan treadmills as the best overall value.  LifeSpan models give you more horsepower and bigger belts for less money, folding capability for easy storage in your home, plus you still get the lifetime warranty on the frame and the motor.  If you are interested in purchasing a LifeSpan Treadmill, our top-rated model is the LIfespan TR 1200i.  It gives you the most features for your money.  You can follow this link to the Amazon Website to learn more. Amazon has the best prices and their customer reviews are really helpful.


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