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We have done a careful equipment gym home rating and compared a list of the most popular home gyms, including Weider Home Gyms, Bandflex, Bowflex, NordicTrack, and Total Gym.  We hope that this comparison is helpful and informative as you research and select the best home gym for you.

As you review possible choices, keep in mind what features are going to be the most important to you. For instance:

bulletWill you use other exercise equipment or do other workouts as well, or will your home gym be your only form of exercise?  If your home gym is your sole form of exercise, youíll want a home gym that allows you to perform many different exercises on one machine.
bulletHow much space do you have available for storing your equipment?
bulletWhen comparing durability features, how often and how hard do you plan to work out? 
bulletAre you willing to pay a bit more for top-of-the-line equipment?

Now that youíre thinking about various features that might be important to you, letís look at our equipment gym home rating of some of the better-known models of home gyms.

Equipment Home Gym Review of Weider

Weider Home Gyms are our favorites, and we give them our highest equipment gym home rating.  They offer excellent value for an affordable price, and their state-of-the-art equipment allows you to get a complete full body workout.  You can perform more than 75 exercises on some of their machines.  Weider Home Gyms are designed so that you can customize your workout to get the body shaping results you want.  The equipment is easy to set up and easy to use, and depending upon your specific needs, they have several different models to choose from. 

Weider gyms come with a five-year warranty, except for their resistance rods, which come with a lifetime warranty.  Of course, youíll probably never need to replace a part because the equipment is made so well, but itís good to know youíre covered if you need it.  Follow this link to learn more about our top recommended Weider Home Gyms.

Equipment Home Gym Review of Bandflex

The Bandflex Home Gym does not offer all of the features of the Weider Home Gyms, but is a good alternative if you need to save money but still need a good piece of equipment.  The Bandflex Home Gym allows you to perform more than 60 exercises and comes complete with leg attachments, a lat bar, and other features.

Equipment Home Gym Review of Bowflex

Bowflex has rightly earned an excellent reputation in its twenty years as a home gym manufacturer.  Bowflex Home Gyms use patented resistance technology to duplicate the benefits of free weights, providing 220 pounds of resistance (upgradeable to 300 pounds).  This space-efficient equipment will give you a full-body workout (more than 100 exercises), including a cardio workout.  It costs more than some other products, but itís worth the price if you can afford it.  None of our readers have regretted spending a little more for Bowflex, which is why the company has such an outstanding reputation and a high equipment gym home rating.

If you want to learn more about Bowflex, follow this link to our Bowflex Reviews.

Equipment Home Gym Review of NordicTrack

Primarily known for their treadmills and stair climbers, NordicTrack also makes home gyms. They offer products similar to those offered by Weider, although there are not as many options to choose from.  You can perform up to 65 exercises on some machines for a complete workout.  Overall, we found that Weider and Bowflex offers more for the money.

Equipment Home Gym Review of Total Gym

Total Gym, as you may have seen advertised on television, is similar to Bowflex.  They offer three different models, the Total Gym 2000, Total Gym 3000 and Total Gym XL.  The Total Gym 2000 is fairly reasonably priced; however, we feel it is incomplete as a home gym, as it lacks components necessary for a full workout, such as the leg attachment and wing attachment.  The XL and 3000, which come more fully equipped, is very pricey and, in our opinion, not a good value.  The Bowflex is a better value if you want to spend the money for a higher-end product.

Whatís The Best Home Gym?

Our careful comparison of home gyms has determined that Weider Home Gyms offer the best all-around value.  They are durable, provide total-body workouts, and are affordable for the average person.  They have earned our highest equipment gym home rating.  Follow this link to view our top-rated Weider Home Gyms.  


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