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Our top rated home gym is the home gym by wieder.  Weider and home gyms are synonymous, because of quality and because of their dedication to fitness excellence.  Weider offers a number of models to choose from, and one is certain to be right for you, whatever your fitness level and goals.  Each weider home gym model offers a wide variety of exercises, so itís like having a whole health club right in your own home!  We get more positive feedback from readers about home gyms by wieder than any other home gyms.

Here are some of the weider home gym features that most impressed us:

Platinum Home Gym
The Platinum Home Gym allows you to perform more than 75 different exercises on one machine.  You can customize your own workouts or use its preprogrammed workouts designed for weight loss, muscle building, or circuit training.  Its unique cable and pulley system gives you a full range of motion and its digital resistance system allows you to control up to 340 pounds of resistance at the touch of a button.  Itís one of Weiderís more expensive home gyms, but you get what you pay for.

Platinum Plus Home Gym
The Platinum Plus home gym by wieder features more than 75 health club quality exercises, five complete workout stations, and 240 pounds of digitally controlled resistance.  Our readers love it because itís so easy to use.  Its versatility allows you to get a total body workout on one machine.

The Max (formerly called the Cross Bow)
The Max allows you to perform more than 65 health club quality exercises, including cardiovascular exercises, such as rowing, along with numerous strength training exercises.  Because it is an easy machine to use and is simple to switch from one exercise to the next, itís one of weiderís most popular home gyms.  Itís often compared to other home gyms, such as the Bowflex, but at less than half the price of those other gyms, itís an excellent value.

Pro 3750 Strength Trainer
The Pro 3750 Strength Trainer features two complete workout stations and is designed to build muscle over your entire body.  As the name suggests, it is a good machine for experienced trainers, but beginners will find it easy to use as well.  According to our fitness experts, you can ďchisel your chestĒ and ďbuild six pack absĒ in no time at all on this machine.

Pro 1120 Strength Trainer
The Pro 1120 Strength Trainer provides both an upper body and a lower body workout.  Like other equipment by weider and home gyms, it offers a variety of different exercises.  This is a particularly good machine for body sculpting.  As one of weiderís lower priced home gyms, the Pro 1120 Strength Trainer is a great value.

C 700 Home Gym
The C 700 home gym by wieder provides you with the ultimate home gym experience.  It includes a number of different workout stations for building all your major muscle groups and giving you a diverse workout.  Our fitness experts and readers both liked the results they saw from this machine.  Itís a mid-priced machine, and the only piece of equipment youíll need to stay in great shape.

Every home gym by wieder comes with an exercise chart that shows you which exercises focus on which muscles, how to do each exercise correctly, and helps you customize the right workout for you.  All of the home gyms by weider are easy to use and are good investments for both beginners and more experienced trainers.  Because so many exercises can be performed on each individual machine, it is easy to customize the perfect workout to meet your unique fitness needs.

Nearly every home gym by wieder comes with a five-year warranty (some pieces of equipment may be covered for a shorter or longer period of time; for instance, some of the equipment that comes with the Max gym is covered by a lifetime warranty).  Because of the high quality of weider and home gyms, you probably wonít ever need to use your warranty, but itís nice to know itís there just in case.

Exercise equipment by wieder and home gyms by wieder are becoming more and more popular these days because wieder makes excellent equipment at an affordable price.  Though we feel that all of the weider home gyms provide excellent value for the money, the reasonably priced Max by Wieder is the model that we feel provides the most complete full-body workout at a great value.  Follow this link to learn more or to purchase our top rated home gym by wieder at a special low price.

If you have any questions on fitness equipment by weider and home gyms by weider, please contact us.


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