Medicine Ball Exercises


Medicine ball exercises are good exercises to include in many sports training programs, including polymetrics training programs.  Polymetrics refers to training programs requiring both speed and strength, and medicine ball workouts are able to offer such training.  Medicine ball workouts are good training for sports requiring explosive movements. 

Medicine ball exercises are appropriate for all ages and can be tailored to meet all levels of ability.  As always, itís a good idea to talk with your doctor before beginning a new exercise program, especially if you have any medical concerns or recent injuries.

You can purchase medicine balls wherever you buy exercise equipment, or order them online.  Start with one that weighs about five pounds; you can move on to a heavier one as your fitness level improves.

Medicine ball workouts are both fun and challenging.  Here are some medicine ball exercises for you to try.  Start out with a low number of reps, and increase the number as your fitness level improves.  Make sure you warm up before starting your workout by walking, riding a stationary bike, or doing some gentle stretches.

Kneeling to Push Ups

Start out in a kneeling position.  Hold the medicine ball at chest level.  Keep your trunk straight and fall forward, pushing the ball outward to a partner or a wall.  As you let go of the ball, drop your hands to the floor and immediately complete a pushup. Return to the kneeling position.  Repeat five times.

Variation:  More advanced athletes can have a partner toss the ball back to them.  You will have to bounce back from your push up into the kneeling position immediately in order to catch the ball.

Figure Eights

Hold the medicine ball with your arms extended over your left shoulder.  In one continuous motion, bring the ball down in front of you as if you are chopping wood.  The ball should stop near your right foot.  Stand up again and lift the ball straight up over your right shoulder and then bring the ball down near your left foot.  You will need to bend at your knees to complete the motion.  It will look as those you are tracing a figure eight.  Repeat these medicine ball exercises five times.


Stand with your knees slightly flexed.  Lift the medicine ball above your head and forcefully throw it down as hard as you can.  Catch the ball as it bounces up.  Repeat five times.

Single Leg Wood Chops

Stand on your left leg and extend your arms, holding the medicine ball up and to your left.  Bring the ball down towards your right foot in a wood chopping motion.  During this motion, switch feet so that your right foot is now on the ground and your left foot is in the air.  Repeat five times.  Then repeat five times in the opposite direction.

Medicine Ball Obliques

Lie on your back on the floor.  Raise your legs with your knees bent.  Hold the medicine ball between your knees and rotate your knees to the left, then to the right.  Repeat ten times.


Stand with feet shoulder-width apart.  Hold the medicine ball with both hands and elbows slightly flexed.  Swing the medicine ball over to the left hips and then swing the ball forward and around towards the right side.  Now swing it back in the opposite direction.  Repeat these medicine ball exercises ten times.

For best results, do your medicine ball workouts three to four times per week.  You can alternate medicine ball workouts with strength training and cardiovascular exercises for a complete workout program.

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