Proform Treadmills Review 



When you first think of home treadmills, you probably think of proform treadmills, because they are the most popular and well-known manufacturer.  In an effort to determine which treadmills offer the best value, we have researched and compared the proform treadmill to many of the other top brands of treadmills.  We realize that purchasing a piece of home fitness equipment is indicative of your commitment to your health and fitness, and we want you to be a well-informed customer who gets the best buy for your money.

How does the proform treadmill stack up?

As we mentioned above, proform treadmills are well-known; however, after we did more research on ratings, features and quality, we feel that there may be better options for overall value and quality.  It seems that while proform treadmills are packed with a long list of features that will impress shoppers, the basic and necessary components (motors and frame, for example) are somewhat quality-compromised.  We feel that for overall value, a consumer is better served by a machine that has a better, longer-lasting motor as well as a lifetime warranty (along with the features that you really need and will use).

How are proform treadmills priced?

We discovered that proform treadmills are priced to sell; lower prices appeal specifically to the budget-constrained customer.  With several models under $999, the proform treadmill appears to be the best choice for those on a limited budget.  However, if quality suffers because of the lower price, the customer will only end up disappointed and unable to work out unless more money is spent on costly repairs.

How do treadmills by proform compare to models made by other brands?

A proform treadmill will give you a lot of preset programs (up to 28); however, it is our experience that any more than 5-8 preset programs are just overkill.  Most fitness enthusiasts would agree with us when we say that we usually stick to a fairly limited number of favorite preset workouts.

One major drawback we found when comparing proform treadmills to other brands was a shorter warranty.  For example, most of the proform models feature only a 12 year warranty on the most important and crucial part of the machine the motor;  we found that the best brands offer a lifetime motor warranty.  (This is important for two reasons:  first of all, if anything at all goes wrong during the lifetime of the motor, you are covered; but secondly, a lifetime warranty is one way that the company assures buyers that they are buying a well-built, long-lasting machine.)

Our proform treadmill opinion:

We feel that if you are an occasional walker or if you have a very limited budget, then a proform treadmill is better than no treadmill. 

However, our opinion is that a treadmill represents a long-term commitment to your fitness goals, and is an investment in your own health; for this reason, we believe that it is worth spending a few more dollars to get a lot more.  This is why we rate the Smooth 5.65 as the top treadmill model:  for just a little more money, you will get a treadmill that will not only give you a better workout, but will last longer as well.

In our opinion, Smooth Fitness treadmills provide the best value, quality and overall workout -  so that you get the most for your money.   Read more about this top line of treadmills by following the link to our Smooth Treadmill Review Page.


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