Which Is Best: Total America Sport Home Gym Or Bowflex? 



In the great debate over home gym models, the total america sport home gym and Bowflex are often compared.  While both brands are designed to provide a full-body workout within the privacy of your own home, whenever it is most convenient for you, we believe that the Bowflex does a better job of helping people reach their fitness goals.  

We compared the various models of total sports america home gyms and Bowflex home gyms, and compiled our conclusions for your information.  If you are deciding between a total gym home fitness machine and a Bowflex machine, we hope you find our critique helpful, concise, and informative. 


To make an informed choice between a total america sport home gym and a Bowflex model, you must understand how each system provides its resistance.  The total america sport home gym relies on the user’s body weight to provide the resistance for all exercises.  The user lies on a bench, the angle of which can be varied, to provide varying levels of weight for each exercise.  Unlike heavy, awkward and bulky free weights, this system lessens the chance of injury due to switching weight plates around.  However, the Bowflex system, which relies on patented Power Rod technology, has also found a better way to provide resistance without the hassle and danger of free weights.  The Power Rods provide a very even, smooth mode of resistance, without any variance as you move through the range of motion.  We consider the superior Power Rod technology of Bowflex to be an advantage over the bodyweight method of the total sports america home gyms because it provides a more even type of resistance, and at greater levels than just your own body weight.


Overall, the Bowflex provides a greater variety of exercises than the total america sport home gym.   Though the concept of the sliding bench and body weight as a mode of resistance is an ingenious idea, and a simple apparatus to maintain and operate, we feel this is also a major downfall of the total america sport home gym because it does not allow for as much variety during the workout.  On the other hand, Bowflex machines feature several different workout stations for almost every major muscle group; going from the lat tower to the squat station to the preacher curl attachment not only allows you to create a workout with a lot of variety, it keeps your workout time more interesting.


When we compared the completeness of the workout on the total sports america home gyms versus the Bowflex home gyms, we found a fuller, more complete workout on the Bowflex.  This is because the Bowflex allows for a more thorough leg and lower body workout.  Although the total america sport home gym allows for a great upper body workout, the only major leg exercise it features is the squat. And, the squats can only be done with the user’s bodyweight, unless an additional bar and weights are added to the bench.  There are additional leg exercises featured in the total sports america home gyms instructions, but they are awkward (at best) to perform.  We feel that in the quest for a complete and total full-body workout, the Bowflex models beat the total gym home fitness machine models.


Both brands feature mechanisms specifically designed to foster ease of use during your workout, so that your time and effort is spent where it counts (meeting your fitness goals), and not spent changing the machine around. 


As mentioned above, the total sports america home gyms use a bench that slides along two tracks.  The user switches between all exercises simply by changing the angle of the bench, or by changing the orientation of their body.  Simple!


We also found Bowflex to be equally simple:  the user just has to switch between numbers of resistance Power Rods at the rear of the machine to vary the resistance.


As we compared the two brands with all different sizes and shapes of people, we found that Bowflex has a big advantage.  While the total america sport home gym has limitations on user height and weight, the Bowflex does not have any limitations.  If you are a tall person, you will want to choose the Bowflex instead to allow for maximum stability and safety of the machine, as well as maximum functionality and range of motion through all exercises.


The cost issue is a tricky one; at first glance, total gym looks to be the most affordable option. However, in the long run, we truly believe that Bowflex is the best value – you spend a little more, but you gain MUCH more versatility and completeness of workouts for this extra expense.  It is our experience that a fun, diverse routine that you are excited about is the one most likely to help you reach your fitness goals – so wouldn’t you be willing to pay a little bit more to ensure your success, improve your self esteem, and to better your health?  We would!  If you’d like to learn more about Bowflex home gym options, you can follow this link to the Bowflex Store on Amazon.com.


In the quest to demystify home gyms, and to answer the great debate between the total gym and Bowflex, we deem Bowflex as the winner on several levels.  The Bowflex home gym provides:


Unparalleled variety.


The most complete full-body workout.


The best technology for safe, even resistance.


Ease of use for a worry-free, efficient workout.


The best overall value with regard to pricing.

To learn more about the Bowflex home gym options and to select the best home gym for you at the best price, follow this link to the Bowflex Store on Amazon.com. The have the lowest prices and their customer reviews are very helpful when selecting the right piece of equipment for your needs.


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