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Program #1

M= Machine      F = Free Weights

Shoulders, Bicep, Back, Lower Abs

Day One M or F Sets Reps
Lat Pull down M 2-3 12-15
Seated Row M 2-3 12-15
Lateral Raises F 2-3 12-15
Overhead Press F 2-3 12-15
Posterior Flies M 2-3 12-15
Seated Bicep Curls M 2-3 12-15
Back Extensions n/a 2-3 12-15
Reverse Crunches n/a 2-3 12-15

Chest, Triceps, Obliques, Abs

Day Two M or F Sets Reps
Chest Press M 2-3 12-15
Chest Flies M 2-3 12-15
Tricep Press M 2-3 12-15
Overhead Tricep Extensions F 2-3 12-15
Wide Pushups F 2-3 12-15
Side Crunches n/a 2-3 12-15
Crunches n/a 2-3 12-15


Day Three M or F Sets Reps

Leg Press

M 2-3 12-15
Hamstring Curls M 2-3 12-15
Knee Extensions M 2-3 12-15
Adductors M 2-3 12-15
Abductors M 2-3 12-15
Body Squats n/a 2-3 12-15
Calf Raises M 2-3 12-15

This is a very basic program.  I kept it very general so that most readers will be able to use it.  If you have more specific questions regarding your own personal fitness, please let me know by emailing.  As well, if there are exercises that you are unfamiliar with, please advise me and I will add a video to the exercise dictionary. 

Follow this program and keep track of the number of reps you are doing each time.  Choose a weight that is not too easy... a weight that makes it hard for you to complete the 15th repetition.  Follow this program for approximately 10 weeks.  Let me know how you have progressed.

NOTE:  You may need to consult with a personal trainer to help you learn all these exercises.