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Dumbbell Exercises


Dumbbell exercises are a great way to get in shape.  Dumbell exercises are easy to learn, and all that is required is a set of dumbbells.  You can purchase dumbbells at any sporting goods store or at stores like Wal-Mart.  You can start with small weight (5 lbs or less) and increase the weight as you feel yourself getting stronger.

Here are some dumbbell exercises to get you started.  These dumbell exercises will work your chest and shoulders.  Start out by doing ten reps of each exercise.  As you feel yourself getting stronger, you can increase the number of reps.

Flat Chest Presses

  1. Lie on the floor on your back, holding the dumbbells directly above your chest, arms straight up.

  2. Slowly lower the dumbbells to your chest.
  3. Raise the dumbbells back to starting position and repeat.
  4. Avoid locking your elbows while doing these dumbbell exercises.

Flat Chest Flies

  1. Lie on the floor on your back, holding the dumbbells directly above your chest.

  2. Flex your elbows slightly and keep them flexed throughout the exercise.
  3. Open your arms to the sides.  Your elbows should remain ďlocked� in a slightly bent position.
  4. When the dumbbells reach the floor, return them to the starting position and repeat.

Seated Shoulder Presses

  1. Sit upright on a chair with the dumbbells over head, arms straight up.  Make sure your back is straight.

  2. Lower the dumbbells slowly to your shoulders.
  3. Raise the dumbbells back up and repeat.

Lateral Raises

  1. Stand up straight, knees slightly bent, feet about hip width apart, holding the dumbbells at your sides.

  2. Flex your elbows slightly and raise the dumbbells out to the sides.  Keep your elbows slightly flexed throughout the exercise.
  3. When your arms are parallel to the floor, slowly lower them back down and repeat.

Reverse Flies

  1. Sit on the edge of a chair, with your feet flat on the floor.  Bend over so your chest is almost resting on your lap.

  2. Start with the dumbbells near your feet and your arms slightly bent.  Open your arms out, keeping your elbows flexed as you do these dumbell exercises.
  3. When your arms are parallel to the floor, slowly lower the dumbbells back down and repeat.

Front Raises

  1. Stand up straight, knees slightly bent, hip width apart.  Your arms should be at your sides.  The palms should be facing your thighs.

  2. Raise one dumbbell directly in front of you, keeping your arm straight.
  3. When your arm is parallel to the ground, slowly lower the dumbbell back down.  Repeat these dumbbell exercises with your other arm.

While these dumbell exercises will workout your shoulders and chest, there are other exercises that will work out your entire body, including your back, your arms, and your legs.  This is just a sampling of the exercises you can do.  There is an infinite variety available to you.

It is important to use dumbbells safely so you donít injure yourself.  If you want to do dumbbell exercises, you might want to visit a gym or make an appointment with a personal trainer to get some pointers.  A personal trainer can show you how to use the equipment safely and also help you develop an exercise routine that will help you meet your fitness goals.

Best Rated Dumbbells

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As with any new exercise program, before you start, itís a good idea to check with your doctor, especially if you have any medical problems, to make sure itís the right exercise program for you. Donít let all this scare you off, though. Dumbell exercises are lots of fun and are a great way to get in shape.



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